Water Treatment Technology

Water Treatment Technology

  1. Raw water transmission pipeline

Raw water is pumped under the wholesale contract of raw water wholesale between Tan Hiep Water Investment Joint Stock Company (THW) and Saigon Water Corporation (SAWACO) from the source of water from the Saigon River through trash screens into the collection works then be pumped to the treatment plant along DN1500 raw water pipe (invested and installed by Tan Hiep Water Investment Joint Stock Company). At Hoa Phu pumping station, raw water add the lime and chlorinated preliminary to kill algae on pipes and add lime to raise pH.

  1. Flow division Cellar

Receiving raw water from Hoa Phu pumping station and then flowing to the treatment area of Tan Hiep Water

  1. Raw water receiving tank

Receiving raw water from the flow division cellar and simultaneously reduces the energy due to the height difference between the tunnel and the receiving tank. PAC, Chlorine, Ozone will be added for the second time.

  1. Rapid mix unit 

Quick mixing chemical into the raw water.

  1. Flocculation basin

After going through quick mixing chemical tank, raw water will return to the distribution ditch and distributed into the flocculation basin. 

  1. Clarifying basin

    The water from the flocculation basin will enter the clarifying basin through perforated walls. Clarifying basin are arranged Lamellas with an angle of 60.  Lamella sedimentation reduces the structure’s height, increase the flow rate and treatment effectiveness – a solution to enhance water quality and reduce operation costs.

    Turbidity units in the clarifier is <5NTU.

  1. Filter

With 10 filters at Tan Hiep Water Treatment Plant turbidity units at each filter is . < 0.5NTU.

  1. Water tank

The total volume of the filters 35,000m3

  1. Treated water pump Station

Transporting supply water after treatment to the transmission pipeline. The pumping Station including 4 pumps, each pump with capacity is 6.250m3/h.

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